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The Renewal Foundation is founded on the principal believe that education is the best investment and no one, regardless of age, race, sex, and socioeconomic status should be denied of such education.

Originally focused on the impoverished rural areas of China, Renewal Foundation has grown into a global organization. With offices and on going projects now in Taiwan, the United States and China, RNF have established over 150 elementary, secondary, high schools and tutoring centers, benefiting over 60,000 students of all ages. The RNF is continuing to expand the realm of benefit, while maintaining the already established schools with programs like An Egg A Student.

The Renewal Foundation U.S.A. is a fully registered Non-Profit Organization operating with a 100% volunteer staff and an administration to funding ratio of less than 0.5%


Mission Statement

Provide continual educational resources to underprivileged children by establishing primary and secondary schools, and provide basic educational material and assets.

To provide funding for academically excellent, financially underprivileged students to complete their high school education.
To provide funding for building elementary school in the most underprivileged remote area.
To provide funding for minimum nutrition for the underprivileged needy elementary school student .
Through volunteer visiting programs, introducing the understanding of the cultural, social, environmental, and resource differences and empowering them with a global vision for tomorrows citizens today here in the United States.